VNS Therapy for Epilepsy


General characteristics of the surgical implantation of the VNS Therapy System:

  • Takes approximately 1 hour (generally performed on an outpatient basis)
  • Does not directly involve the brain
  • Has been performed by surgeons with a variety of specializations
  • Has been used to treat more than 60,000 epilepsy patients worldwide
  • Typically performed under general anesthesia

Physicians who implant the VNS Therapy System should be:

  • Experienced performing surgery in the carotid sheath,
  • Familiar with vagal anatomy, particularly the cardiac branches, and

Prior to implanting the VNS Therapy System, surgeons should be thoroughly familiar with all training materials including:

  • Product labeling for ALL VNS Therapy components (Physician’s Manuals)
  • “Implant Guide for the VNS Therapy System” training manual contained with the Technical Guide
  • Videotape on the proper implantation technique: “Implantation of the VNS Therapy System”
  • Electrode practice fixture—a device used to practice placing the lead coils around a simulated left vagus nerve.

VNS Therapy