VNS Therapy for Epilepsy


The VNS Therapy System consists of implanted components, disposable components, patient components, and an external programming system used to program the generator.

Please note that not all products are available for purchase in all countries.

Implanted Components

  • The VNS Therapy System has been implanted in more than 65,000 patients with epilepsy
  • Back-up of all implanted components are needed at all surgeries

VNS Therapy Generators

  • The VNS Therapy generator is an implantable, programmable pulse generator that delivers a precise pattern of stimulation to the left vagus nerve.

Cyberonics offers a portfolio of generators that can meet the individual needs of patients.

Comparison of VNS Therapy Generators

Generator Model 102 102R 103 104 105
Lead Compatibility Single Pin Dual Pin Single Pin Dual Pin Single Pin
Available Since 2002 2003 2007 2007 2011
Thickness* 7 mm 7 mm 7 mm 7 mm 7 mm
Volume* 14 cc 16 cc 8 cc 10 cc 14 cc
Weight* 25 g 27 g 16 g 18 g 25 g
* Nominal values

The Model 100 and Model 101 Generators are no longer distributed

VNS Therapy Leads

  • The VNS Therapy lead is a bipolar electrical lead that transmits stimulation from the VNS Therapy generator to the left vagus nerve in the neck.
  • The lead is made up of the pin that connects to the generator on one end, and the helices that contain the stimulation electrodes and anchor tether on the other end.
  • All lead models are currently available in two sizes based on helical inner diameter: 2.0 mm and 3.0 mm.
Simulation of the electrodes and anchor tether attachment to the vagus nerve.

Simulation of the electrodes and anchor tether attachment to the vagus nerve.

Comparison of VNS Therapy Leads

Lead Model 302 303 304
Insulation Silicone Silicone Silicone
Length* 43 cm 43 cm 43 cm
Resistance 180 to 250 ohms, pin to electrode 180 to 250 ohms, pin to electrode 120 to 180 ohms, pin to electrode
Conductor Material Platinum Iridium Platinum Iridium Platinum Iridium
* Nominal values

The Model 302 Lead is not available in all markets
The Model 300 Lead is no longer distributed

Support components

  • Model 402 Tunneler is a single-use surgical tool used to aid in subcutaneous routing of the Lead from the neck incision to the chest incision.

Model 402 Tunneler

  • Model 502 Accessory Pack contains replacement components for the VNS Therapy System which may become unusable during routine surgery. These components are supplied as backups to VNS Therapy components. The Accessory Pack contains (1) single-pin generator test resistor assembly, (1) dual-pin generator test resistor assembly, (4) lead tie-downs, and (1) hex screwdriver.
Model 502 Accessory Pack

Model 502 Accessory Pack

Programming & Patient Components

VNS Therapy Programming Computer
  • This user-friendly computer, connected with the programming wand, is used to interrogate the Pulse Generator and modify stored stimulation parameters.
  • The VNS Therapy Programming Software, in conjunction with the VNS Therapy Computer and the Programming Wand, can store and retrieve telemetry data and revise programmable parameters in the Pulse Generator.
VNS Therapy Programming Computer

VNS Therapy Programming Computer

Model 250 Programming Software
  • Allows a physician to place the Programming Wand over the Pulse Generator to read and change device settings.
  • Uses the Programming Wand to convert digital output from the VNS Therapy Computer to the radio frequency signal format that is required for communication with the VNS Therapy Pulse Generator, and vice versa.
Model 201 Programming Wand
  • Intended for use only with the VNS Therapy System.
  • Hand-held device that transmits programming and interrogation information between a VNS Therapy Computer and the VNS Therapy Pulse Generator.
Model 201 Programming Wand

Model 201 Programming Wand

Patient Essentials

This important Patient Kit should be given to each patient immediately after surgery. It contains:

  • Patient Manual
  • 2 Magnets
  • Magnet Order Form
  • Patient Emergency Information Card
Patient Essentials kit

Patient Essentials kit

Model 220 Magnets
  • Provide on-demand stimulation that may help abort or lessen the intensity of an oncoming seizure
  • Temporarily inhibit stimulation
  • Reset the Pulse Generator (in combination with the Programming Wand)
  • Test daily the functioning of the Pulse Generator
Model 220 Magnet

Model 220 Magnet

Product Compatibility Matrix

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