VNS Therapy for Epilepsy

Noël | Rome, GA

At first glance, Noël is like any other 20 year-old college student. But just a few years ago, she experienced a health scare that would change her life.

When Noël was 15, she began to experience seizures. Her physician hoped she would grow out of them. However, one year later, her seizures became increasingly worse and more frequent. Medications didn’t seem to control them and made her feel tired and depressed, giving up the will to even get out of bed. Noël could no longer do chores because she felt like a zombie. She couldn’t drive, she lost 15 pounds because her medications made her sick, and she fell behind in school because her learning disabilities worsened.

Noël’s epilepsy also took a toll on her family who watched her vibrant personality disappear. They felt they had lost the real Noël and hoped there was an alternative treatment—one that wouldn’t make her feel so out of touch. Noël’s physician’s office informed her of a patient education event about VNS Therapy. As they sat through the presentation, they felt she would be an ideal candidate, and Noël’s physician cried for joy when he realized his patient could receive VNS Therapy.

In 2003, Noël received VNS Therapy. Since then, Noël’s seizures have decreased as have the number and amount of medications she takes. Noël now feels like a different person, remarking she hasn’t felt this great in several years. Not only is she driving again, she’s preparing to graduate from college in 2007 with a degree in marketing management. This is something she never thought she’d be able to accomplish because she worried about being able to retain and recall the information she learned.

With renewed energy and a new lease on life, Noël is taking full advantage of all life has to offer, much to the joy of her family and friends. No longer feeling constrained, Noël feels free and ready to take on the next stage of her life and hopes to fulfill her dream of running a farm ministry for kids and teenagers with epilepsy.